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Traits and characteristics for describing the Inventive personality type

adaptability, adaptable, adaptive, adroit, aggressive, aloof, ambition, ambitious, ambivalent, amoral, analytic, analytical, Apollonian narcissism, arrogance, arrogant, artful, artistic, attention-seeking, audacity, autarchy, authoritarian, autocratic, autonomous, autonomy, boyish, brave, brooding, burlesquing, Caesarism, calculating, canny, capable, challenging, chameleon, chameleonlike, changeable, charming, clever, cleverness, combative, commercial, competence, competitive, competitiveness, conceit, conceited, conceitedness, confidence, conjuring, conscience, contentious, contradictory, controversial, controversialist, correctness, courage, craft, crafty, creative, critical, cruel, cunning, curious, cynical, cynicism, deceit, deceitful, demanding, denial of dependency, depressed, designing, despairing, diabolic, diabolical, dictatorial, difficult, diplomatic, disparaging, dolose, dramatic, driven, duplicity, ebullient, ectomorphic, efficient, egocentric, egoistic, egomaniac, egotism, egotistic, eloquent, energetic, engineer, enraged, enterprising, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, envious, erudite, exaggerating, excellent, excitable, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, expediency, expedient, extroverted, fantasy, fastidious, fiction, flexibility, flexible, forceful, foxy, frustrating, furious, future, gain-seeking, gamesmanship, glory-seeker, guile, guileful, guilt-ridden, guilty, hard-working, head-in-the-clouds, hubristic, hunches, iconoclasm, idealist, identifying, imaginative, immature, impetuosity, improvisation, impulsive, independence, independent, individuality, indomitable, ingenious, ingenuity, innovative, insensitive, insincere, inspiration, intellectual, intellectualism, intelligent, intimidation, intrepid, intriguing, intuitive, invention, inventive, inventiveness, ironic, irresponsible, irreverence, irreverent, jealous, knowing, leadership, logical, malevolent, malleable, maneuvering, manipulation, manipulative, many-sided, marketing, mean, megalomania, melancholic, mendacity, mercenary, mercurial, meretricious, meticulous, mischievous, mistrust, mockery, mocking, moralism, name-dropper, narcissistic, nonconformist, objective, delusion of omnipotence, one-upmanship, open-minded, opinionated, ostentation, outspoken, outstanding, over optimism, pain giver, paranoia, peppery, perceptive, performing, persistence, persuasive, perverse, perversity, phlegmatic, platitudinous, platonic, playful, polytropic, possibility, possible, power mania, practical, pragmatic, prestige, pretension, pretentious, pride, prideful, Prometheus, protean, prudent, quarrelsome, questioning, quiet, rationalism, rationalistic, reactive, realistic, rebellious, remorseful, remorsefulness, resilience, resourceful, resourcefulness, restless, restrained, ridiculing, ruthlessness, sad, Satan, scheming, seductive, self-absorbed, self-accusing, self-admiration, self-admiring, self-assurance, self-assured, self-aware, self-conceit, self-confidence, self-confident, self-congratulatory, self-control, self-controlled, self-deceiving, self-deception, self-defeating, self-deluded, self-destructive, self-destructiveness, self-devoted, self-exculpatory, self-idolizing, self-important, self-indulgent, self-interested, self-reliance, self-reproachful, self-willed, selfish, sense of guilt, sensitive, serious, sharp, shifty, show-off,shrewd, shrewdness, skeptical, skilled, skillful, sly, snobbery, solipsistic, speculative, spontaneous, status conscious, stoic, strategic, stylish, subdued, subtle, subtlety, superior, supersensitive, superstitious, suspicious, tactlessness, task-oriented, technician, tenacity, theoretical, thinking, timid, tough, treacherous, tricky, unconventional, unconventionalism, undisciplined, unpredictable, unprincipled, unscrupulous, vanity, vengeful, versatile, versatility, vital, voluntariness, vulnerable, willful, wily.

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