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Hedonist Topics

Many of these additional topics originated in ideas expressed by David Keirsey in Please Understand Me.

action, action heroes, action jobs, adventure, airplanes, art, arts, athletes, bartenders, bellhops, boredom, brushes, building dams, building freeways, building mines, building skyscrapers, building trades, bulldozers, card sharps, charming, chisels, construction work, conversationalists, crises, dancers, detectives, Dionysus, dockworkers, dozen yellow roses, driving, driving ambulances, emergencies, endurance, enjoying people, enjoyment, entertainment, entrepreneurs, escape, excitement, expending resources, firing guns, flying planes, freedom freight loading function lust gamblers gunslingers grand gestures guns hair stylists heavy machinery operators, hunters, immediate action, impulses, instrumentalists, jokes, leveling forests, logging, magicians, mercenaries, military, mink coats, models, motorcycles, mountain climbing, need to be seen, negotiators, new foods, new places to eat, new vacation spots, oil drilling, ombudsmen , operating machinery, operations, painters, performers, performing artists, performing arts, photographers, police swat teams, porters, precision instruments, professional sports, promoting enterprises, racers, racing aircraft, racing cars, rescue squads, restlessness, risk taking, scalpels, sculptors, skills, soldiers of fortune, statesmanship, stories, strength, success, surfers, trying one's luck, diamond rings, timing, tools, tooting horns, trouble-shooters, variety, virtuosos, vocalists, wielding, wishes, wit.

Hedonist - Areas of interest

Keirsey, David, and Marilyn Bates (1984). Please understand me: character and temperament types. 4th ed. Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis [distributer].

Idealist Rationalist Traditionalist Hedonist

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