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Rationalist Topics

Many of these additional topics originated in ideas expressed by David Keirsey in Please Understand Me and Please Understand Me II.

abstract art, abstract thinking, acquiring intelligence, acquisition of knowledge, acquisition of skill, all-work-no-play, alternate lifestyles, aphorisms, authoritativeness, autonomy, behaviorism, biologists, books, bringer of fire, building institutional systems, building systems, calmness, cardiology, categories, causality, circular causality, circular processes, clarity of vision, coherence, collecting information, compact communication, competence, competencies, competency, complex systems, complicated subjects, comprehension, compulsion to improve, constructing edifices, control, controlling, criminology, critical experimentation, curiosity, cybernetics, demanding, Descartes, design, designing experiments, desire for power, desire to learn, desire to understand, developing models, dictionaries, dictionary of philosophy, dictionary of psychology, dictionary of slang, dictionary of anthropology, disorder in systems, dispassion, eccentric genius, eccentric lifestyle, efficiency, efficient operations, Einstein, eloquence, encyclopedias, energy, engineering, ethologists, etymological dictionary, etymology, even-tempered, evolutionary psychology, exacting, explaining, explanations, exploring ideas, feedback loop, focus on the future, freethinking, gaining control, goal-directed, governance, greatness, harnessing energy, harnessing light, high-tech terminology, hypotheses, imagination, independence, indifference, individualism, influence, information, information systems, ingenuity, inner experience, inquiring attitude, intellectuals, intellectual exploration, intellectual genius, intellectualism, intellectually isolated, intelligence, intelligent, intelligibility, internal worlds, interpretations, inventions, inventiveness, law dictionary, leaders, Leibniz, logic, logical actions, logical communication, logical.investigation, losing touch with feelings, machines, management, Marxism, mastering, mathematical description, mathematicians, mathematics, maximizing efficiency, mechanical systems, medical dictionary, mental powers, mind, modernism, mutually causal processes, natural leaders, naturalists, necessary skills, need to dominate, network.control, network governance, nonconformists, objectivity, observers, observing, odd habits, open-minded, operations research, order, organic systems, paradoxes, philosophers, philosophy, physical scientists, physicists, possibilities possible motivations, power over nature, pragmatics, precise communication, predicting, probability, problem solvers, professors, progress, Prometheus, psychoanalysis, psychologists, puns, questioning, rationalism, rearranging the environment, reason, research and development, ruthlessness, sciences, scientific principles, scientist, search for reality, securities analysis, seeking knowledge, self-control, self-directed, self-sufficiency, skills, social systems, sociobiology, sociologists, sorcerers, speculative thinking, Spinoza, Stalinism, strategy, supremecy, systemic problems, systems, systems analysis, systems theorists, systems theory, taking control, talent, teaching mathematics, teaching philosophy, teaching science, technical vocabulary, technology, theorems, theories, theory of evolution, thinking style, to be competent, tyrants, understanding, understanding events, understanding nature, unemotional, unflappable, unity of order, unity of organization, unsentimental, utility, verification, visionary, wanting to achieve, will to power, wondering.

Rationalist - Areas of interest

Keirsey, David, and Marilyn Bates (1984). Please understand me: character and temperament types. 4th ed. [Del Mar, Calif.?] : Gnosology Books ; Del Mar, CA : Prometheas Nemesis [distributor].

David Keirsey. (1998) Please Understand Me II . Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis.

Idealist Rationalist Traditionalist Hedonist

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