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Don Woollen has written an essay, "A Preliminary Study of Stoicism as Psychotherapy," which provides a model of Stoic Psychotherapy, and which is the basis of my understanding and will be the basis of my presentation of Stoic Psychotherapy.

A Preliminary Study of Stoicism as Psychotherapy

This essay will consider the thesis that there is within Stoic philosophy, a distinct and interesting theory of human psychology which entails not only a normative account of human growth and development but also a corresponding theory of psychopathology based on that account. The theory also encompasses a system of therapeutic techniques formulated to expose and correct these pathologies. In sum, there exists what can only be described as, a unique and well-formulated system of Stoic Psychotherapy.

I am the moderator of the online discussion group, Stoic Counseling.

What would a Stoic counseling be? This is an area of study that I would like to explore and a skill that I would like to develop. Stoic Counseling is a group discussion for those wishing to do Stoic counseling.

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