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I have been preoccupied since October, 1998 with publishing "PTypes Personality Types," now at (Archives).

I first began my study of personality types in 1986, but I've always been interested in the subject; I'm 64 years old. All my work in this area is as an amateur. I have no specific education, experience, or credentials in psychology or psychiatry. My first studies were with the Enneagram, but in 1990 I took up the study of Dr. John M. Oldham's personality styles and the personality disorders from which they were derived. I was then able to start to construct my own personality typology by matching Oldham's styles and the corresponding personality disorder categories with David Keirsy's reconfigured MBTI scheme of 16 types. Oldham provided 14 styles/disorders; I didn't come up with the remaining 2 type/disorder constructs until 1998, when I first created PTypes on the internet.

I always wanted to provide a personality theory and a theory of pathology to try to explain the psychological dynamics of the types and disorders. At first I used Stoic philosophy as the basis of my theory, but beginning two years ago started including some Aristotelian concepts. Early last year I dropped my interest in Stoicism and began to think in terms of the Catholic theological psychology of Thomas Aquinas. But in researching the concept of pride, which is central to Aquinas's explanation of sin and vice, I found Terry Cooper's book, "Sin, Pride, and Self-Acceptance," which, among other things, joins some of the personality theory of Karen Horney with the Christian theological psychology of Reinhold Niebuhr. I've adopted Cooper's interpretation of those two for my own personality theory.

But in 2008 I resumed my personal practice of Stoicism. The personality theory on is now based on Stoic philosophy and psychology. And that's where PTypes stands at this time.

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