Which Personality Style Fits You Best?

The purpose of the use of personality styles, here, is your self-improvement, specifically the perfection of your moral character. These personality styles represent categories of normal, non-pathological personality derived from the personality disorders described in psychiatric literature. All but two of the personality styles, the Inventive and the Exuberant, are derived from the personality styles of John M. Oldham and Lois B. Morris (1995).

Conscientious Personality Style

  • Are you dedicated to work?
  • Do you have strong moral principles and values? Do you always want to do the right thing?
  • Do you always insist that things be done "right"?
  • Do you like all tasks and projects to be complete to the final detail, without even minor flaws?
  • Do you stick to your convictions and opinions?
  • Do you like the appearance of orderliness and tidiness?
  • Are you thrifty, careful, and cautious in all areas of your life?
  • Do you save and collect things?
Conscientious Personality Style

Sensitive Personality Style

  • Do you prefer the known to the unknown? Are you comfortable with habit, repetition, and routine?
  • Do you care deeply about what other people think of you?
  • Do you behave with deliberate discretion in your dealings with others?
  • Do you take care to maintain a courteous, self-restrained demeanor?
  • Do you function best in settings where you know your role?
  • Are you reluctant to share your inner thoughts and feelings with others?
Sensitive Personality Style

Vigilant Personality Style

  • Are you independent? Do you keep your own counsel, require no reassurance or advice, make decisions easily, and take care of yourself?
  • Are you careful in your dealings with others?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you not hesitate to stand up for yourself?
  • Do you take criticism seriously, without being intimidated?
  • Do you value fidelity and loyalty?
Vigilant Personality Style

Dramatic Personality Style

  • Are you sensation oriented, emotionally demonstrative, and physically affectionate?
  • Do you experience life vividly and expansively?
  • Do you like to be seen and noticed?
  • Do you pay a lot of attention to grooming, and enjoy clothes, style, and fashion?
  • Do you enjoy your sexuality?
  • Do you easily put your trust in others?
  • Do you respond well to new ideas and suggestions from others?
Dramatic Personality Style

Aggressive Personality Style

  • Are you comfortable with power, authority, and responsibility?
  • Do you operate best within a traditional power structure?
  • Are you highly disciplined and able to impose rules of order on those in your charge?
  • Are you highly goal-directed?
  • Can you function well and bravely in difficult and dangerous situations?
  • Do you like action and adventure?
Aggressive Personality Style

Idiosyncratic Personality Style

  • Are you tuned into and sustained by your own feelings and belief system?
  • Are you self-directed and independent, requiring few close relationships?
  • Do you ignore convention?
  • Are you open to anything?
  • Do you often engage in abstract and speculative thinking?
  • Are you a keen observer of others, particularly sensitive to how other people react to you?
Idiosyncratic Personality Style

Inventive Personality Style

  • Do you see yourself as a superior individual of high worth?
  • Do you strive for recognition and approval?
  • Is out-achieving others important to you?
  • Do you have aspirations for honors and fame?
  • Are you sensitive to how others react to you?
  • Do you long to be highly esteemed?
  • Do you entertain fantasies or greatness, constantly striving for perfection, genius, or stardom?
  • Do you have a strong need for immediate success?
  • Do you desire to be the object of attention and admiration?
Inventive Personality Style

Solitary Personality Style

  • Do you have little need of companionship and are you most comfortable alone?
  • Are you self-contained, not requiring interaction with others?
  • Are you dispassionate?
  • Are you indifferent to pain and pleasure?
  • Are you not driven by sexual needs?
  • Are you unswayed by either praise or criticism?
Solitary Personality Style

Leisurely Personality Style

  • Do you believe you have a right to enjoy yourself on your own terms in your own time?
  • Do you play by the rules and deliver what is expected of you?
  • Do you resist being exploited?
  • Are you relaxed about time?
  • Are you not overawed by authority?
  • Do you believe that you are just as good as everyone else and as entitled to the best things in life?
  • Do you not like to risk important relationships, yet feel the need to be free?
Leisurely Personality Style

Serious Personality Style

  • Do you usually maintain a sober demeanor?
  • Are you realistically aware of your own capabilities and limitations?
  • Do you hold yourself responsible for your actions?
  • Do you always play things over in your mind before you act?
  • Do you have the ability to critique other people and to evaluate yourself?
  • Do you anticipate problems?
  • Do you suffer greatly when you realize you've been thoughtless or impolite to others?
Serious Personality Style

Self-Sacrificing Personality Style

  • Are you generous to people in need of something you have?
  • Are you helpful to others?
  • Are you always considerate in your dealings with others?
  • Are you nonjudgmental, tolerant of others' foibles, and never harshly reproving?
  • Do you not like being the center of attention?
  • Are your long-suffering?
  • Are you rather naive and innocent?
Self-Sacrificing Personality Style

Devoted Personality Style

  • Are you thoroughly dedicated to the relationships in your life?
  • Do you prefer the company of one or more people to being alone?
  • Would you rather follow than lead?
  • Are you happy to seek out others' opinions and to follow their advice?
  • Are you careful to promote good feelings between yourself and the important people in your life?
  • Are you thoughtful of others and good at pleasing them?
  • Are you able to form new meaningful bonds, even after a loss of someone around whom your life centered?
Devoted Personality Style

Self-Confident Personality Style

  • Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you believe that you are unique and special?
  • Do you expect others to treat you well at all times?
  • Are you open about your aspirations and possibilities?
  • Are you able to take advantage of the strengths and abilities of other people?
  • Are you an able competitor, focused on getting to the top?
  • Do you identify with people of high rank and status?
  • Are you able to visualize yourself as the hero, the star, the best in your role, or the most accomplished in your field?
  • Do you have a keen awareness of your own thoughts and feelings?
  • Can you accept compliments, praise, and admiration gracefully and with self-possession?
Self-Confident Personality Style

Adventurous Personality Style

  • Do you live by your own internal code of values, not strongly influenced by other people or by the norms of society?
  • Do you love the thrill of risk and routinely engage in high-risk activities?
  • Do you not worry too much about others?
  • Are you good at winning friends and influencing people?
  • Do you love to keep moving and exploring?
  • Were you once a high-spirited hell-raiser and mischief maker?
  • Will you stand up to anyone who dares to take advantage of you?
  • Do you live in the present?
Adventurous Personality Style

Mercurial Personality Style

  • Must you always be deeply involved in a romantic relationship with one person?
  • Do you experience passionate, focused attachments in all your relationships?
  • Are you emotionally active and reactive?
  • Are you uninhibited, spontaneous, fun-loving, and undaunted by risk?
  • Are you lively, creative, busy, and engaging?
  • Are you open-minded, willing to experience and experiment with other cultures, roles, and value systems, and to follow new paths?
  • Are you good at distancing or distracting yourself form reality when it is painful or harsh?
Mercurial Personality Style

Exuberant Personality Style

  • Do you highly value pleasurable experiences?
  • Do you enjoy intense experiences?
  • Do you enjoy being active?
  • Do you seek out others as romantic and sexual partners?
  • Do you occasionally spend a great deal of money?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs for stimulation or relaxation?
  • Do you hold friends and loved ones to high standards?
  • Do you enjoy traveling and moving to new locations and residences?
  • Is it important to you that you be knowledgeable, skillful, expert, and masterful?
  • Are you committed to creative work or to being highly productive?
Exuberant Personality Style

John M. Oldham and Lois B. Morris (1995). The New Personality Self-Portrait: Why You Think, Work, Love and Act the Way You Do. New York: Bantam.

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